London acting coach, theatre director, Guy Retallack
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Acting coach Guy Retallack

Guy coaching at Newbury College of Technology

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Guy offers teaching, coaching, and professional development at all levels, whether you're a beginner, or a highly experienced actor, to prepare you for an upcoming auditon, a new role, your entrance to drama school, or just because you want to!.

Guy will work with you to choose and prepare your audition speeches. Guy can guide you in cold reading, sight reading, script analysis, and character development, so that you have a clear, structured, methodical approach to your development as an actor.

Guy can help you break the text down into manageable sections, help you discover a lucid methodology for the future approach to all your work, give you the confidence to choose the direction that you most want to go in.


These four elements need to be present in your performances, and in their combination lies the key to your future development as an actor, speaker or presenter.

Acting lessons in South East London

All coaching, classes and workshops take place in south east London.

All tutorials must be confirmed by email, and payment is required in advance.